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Pricing List

Staffing levels minimum 4 hours booking to be applied to all events

Basic events with small numbers

First Aider

£16.00 ph

Basic first aid support, good for village fetes

Advanced First Aider

£17.00 ph

Slightly higher skill set use of Oxygen

First Response Emergency Care level 3 (ECA)

£18.00 ph

Basic airway management plus oxygen and defibrillator

High skill grades

small to large event cover including skills above plus these grades, example 10k run one of the above two minimum of the below dependent upon numbers attending

First Response Emergency Care level 4

20.00 ph

Intermediate Life Support, higher airway management and medical gases

Emergency Medical Technician / FREC 5

£25.00 ph

More advanced clinical skills


£30.00 minimum per hourly rate

Highest scope for cover

Automated External Defibrillator

£50.00 per event per defibrillator

Charge for use and replenishables


£100.00 per bottle per event

Vital for excerise based events


£100.00 per bottle per event

Any event that may produce injury that requires pain relief

Basic Drugs

£150.00 per event per pack

Where it is deemed emergency drugs are required the charges will apply per pack allocated

These are basic charges and may be subject to alteration if the event proves to require greater levels of skill or additional equipment

Terms and Conditions : Minimum contracted hours 4 unless arranged previously

We reserve the right to administer a cancellation fee where a duty has been cancelled through no fault of our own, this will be fifty per cent of the total jobs value if notified within a pre six month window to the event occurring Seventy five per cent charge if pre within a month of the event occurring and full charge to be applied if less than a months? notice is given. This being due to the booking of events in our calendar plus the reservation, allocation and payment of staff to any specific event.

Range of skills, services and equipment available in a variety of combinations to suit both your needs and budget.

For a fast quotation

Discounts available for multiple bookings (deposits up front)


"Whatever your needs we aim to cover them"

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